Plumbing and pipes

Learn about plumbing responsibility, what to do if you plan on making changes and how to apply for a temporary supply.

Pipework responsibility

The owner or occupier of the premises is responsible for ensuring the design and materials used for the plumbing inside the building meet the national legal requirements.

This applies to all plumbing fixtures, including pipes, taps, tanks, toilets and appliances. It also includes the service pipe from your property to the external stop tap.

You are also responsible for the repair and maintenance of your plumbing system, so it is worth checking your insurance policy to make sure you are adequately covered.

Making changes to your plumbing?

The requirements for plumbing systems

Learn about the legal requirements for all plumbing systems, water fittings and water-using appliances used within your premises.


Plumbing regulations

How to let us know about changes

If you are installing or altering your plumbing system, you may have to tell us before you begin work.


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Installing Reduced Pressure Zone valves (RPZ)

See our guidance for installing and testing RPZ valves, which prevent the backflow of fluids that represent a health risk.


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Need a temporary supply of water?

Apply for a water supply at your event

If you are planning a public event or festival, we may be able to provide you with a temporary water supply.


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Hire a portable standpipe

To access a temporary water supply from our water distribution network, you will need to hire a portable standpipe.


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