Leakage advice for business customers

Find out who is responsible for fixing leaks and how to apply for a leak allowance.

Who is responsible for fixing water leaks?

Wholesalers (regional water companies) and businesses (you) are responsible for different sections of pipework.

There are four different types of pipework:

  • water mains - these are usually laid underneath roads and highways
  • communication pipes - these carry water from the water main to the boundary of your premises
  • supply pipes - these carry water from the communication pipe into your property
  • internal pipework - these can be found inside your premises.

We are responsible for maintaining water mains and communication pipes (in most cases). If you suspect there is a leak on either of these types of pipes, please call us on call us on 0345 600 4 600 (24 hours).

You are responsible for maintaining supply pipes and internal pipework. If you suspect there is a leak on either of these types of pipes, please contact a qualified plumber.

How to apply for a leak allowance

To apply for a leak allowance, you will need to contact your water retailer who will pass your claim on to us.

To be eligible: 

  • we must supply you with water
  • your premises must have a water meter
  • the leak must be repaired within 30 days of being identified
  • the leak must have occurred on underground pipework
  • you will not have received an allowance within the last 12 months
  • you must supply evidence of a leak repair, such as a photo or an invoice for parts or labour.

We also offer an allowance for sewage leaks. To be eligible, we must provide your sewerage services. 

View our non-household leak allowance policy to find out how the allowance is calculated and awarded.